Gastro Plac Zamkowy

Przy Zamku Restaurant


Przy Zamku Restaurant has been situated on the Plac Zamkowy (Castle Square) in the heart of Warsaw's Old Town for over 20 years. You may admire the picturesque Zamek Królewski (the Royal Castle) from the windows of our restaurant. A visit in our restaurant will take you back in time to a very well remembered point in our history. The interior of our restaurant was created with old Polish hunting traditions in mind. Przy Zamku is a perfect place for a romantic date, family dinner or a dinner with your guests who would like to experience the essence of our culture and taste our traditional cuisine. We will introduce you to 16th century Poland, its nobility, noble values and traditions among which hospitality and festive eating played a great role. This is the world and atmosphere we would love to bring back to you.