Gastro Plac Zamkowy

Old Polish cuisine


The Old Polish cuisine offers an abundance of tastes and aromas, unforgettable duets of wine and food that bring out the savory sauces, herbs and spices. In the past, great taste of meat was associated with the culture of hunting. Today, the taste of these dishes may take us back to the times of great Old Polish traditions and customs. Goulash, a soup with homemade dumplings served in a hunter's pot, handmade pierogis or haunch of venison roasted on a grill and served with cranberry butter, dumplings fried on butter and mushrooms - these are just a few courses from our popular menu praised by connoisseurs of hunters' cuisine.

Gastro Plac Zamkowy

The original courses of hunters' cuisine are prepared with the use of fresh ingredients and strictly according to tradition.

Gastro Plac Zamkowy

Przy Zamku Restaurant


Our restaurant specializes in typical Polish cuisine. Every single day we do our best to welcome and host our guests with dishes made of the highest quality fresh products, prepared according to traditional recipes. Our cooking is based on venison, wonderful meats, poultry and mushrooms - ingredients that have been associated with Poland for ages.

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Deer carpaccio

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Baked duck

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Fried boletus

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Gastro Plac Zamkowy
Gastro Plac Zamkowy

What we're proud of


We are one of the best restaurants in Warsaw. It is thanks to our guests that we were awarded the Tripadvisor quality certificate in 2014.

Gastro Plac Zamkowy
Gastro Plac Zamkowy

What's new?


Gastro Plac Zamkowy

New Year's Eve 2016

Spend this special and elegant evening with us. Our talented chefs have prepared a special menu that will satisfy the most refined palates! Check our special New Year's Eve menu.

Gastro Plac Zamkowy

Christmas Eve 2016

Invite your family for a special holiday dinner at Przy Zamku Restaurant and enjoy the Old Polish Christmas atmosphere. Check our special Christmas Eve menu.



Gastro Plac Zamkowy

Spring Menu

Gastro Plac Zamkowy


We will book your table and answer your questions at the following phone number: +48 660 155 164

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